As I kid I dreamed of owning my own business, of putting in the work and for self reliance. Years later it dawned on me, taxes. I could provide a personal tax service. Since I knew nothing about taxes and taxation except that I file them once a year, why not learn more. Down the rabbit hole I went.

With that in mind I set out to gain tax knowledge. For that I studied the "what" and the "how" through Softron Tax School, completing Level 1 Basic (T1), Level 2 Advanced (T2), and Level 3 Specialty (T3) tax courses to name a few. In the tax world it's about compliance and efficiency attained by knowledge and attention to detail.

With my studies complete I launched Taxes By Gabriel, an independent, mobile service established to provide a quality tax preparation and filing service in The Capital City of Ottawa. My name is Gabriel Wilson, Tax Preparer. As a tax practitioner I am dedicated to my craft, sharpening my business and service skills, expanding my capabilities and understanding my tools and resources while focused on a personal approach to customer service in personal tax preparation and filing.

Using tax software certified by The Canada Revenue Agency ("CRA") for electronic filing, I am registered with CRA as an E-Filer and CRA approved for Represent-a-Client ("RAC"), all to help you with your tax obligations under The Income Tax Act of Canada ("ITA") by filing your tax return in the most beneficial way possible to you, the taxpayer.